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A Special Toy Comes to Rapid City Hospital

In partnership with Aflac, we are excited to help launch a new social-emotional support tool for children who have cancer, available free of charge through the Children’s Miracle Network program at Regional Health – Rapid City Hospital. 

My Special Aflac DuckTM is a social robot that uses medical play, lifelike movement and emotions, and an augmented-reality app, all designed to engage and comfort kids during their cancer treatment. It features:

  • Emotional expression: Seven emoji cards help children communicate as the duck acts out a given feeling when that emoji card is tapped to its chest.
  • Medical and nurturing play: The duck’s chemotherapy port allows children to mirror their care through play. What’s more, the duck’s no-cost mobile app allows the child to give it a virtual bath, “feed” it and give it “medicine.”
  • Music, dancing and nuzzling: The duck sings when music is played. Customizable sounds include gentle waves, wind and a farm.
  • Breathing and heartbeat: The duck produces a naturalistic heartbeat and deep breathing, which caregivers can incorporate into calming routines and exercises.
  • No waiting required: Batteries and accessories accompany the duck so it’s ready to use right away!
  • Convenience: The duck features a removable skin that can be washed to ensure hospital hygiene standards are met.

Aflac’s recent delivery of five My Special Aflac DuckTM means that caregivers in the Pediatrics Unit at Rapid City Hospital will be able to start introducing this special toy to their patients right away.

Visit to learn more or to see My Special Aflac DuckTM in action.